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Kimble Free Church, Grove Lane, Little Kimble, Buckinghamshire, England.  E-mail:   Phone: 01844 346957

Justworship has been designed with the sole intention of providing a space where people can come and meet with God in an informal relaxed manner.

It’s an occasional evening event where we can listen to what God is saying and respond appropriately.

Justworship seeks to be uncomplicated in it’s approach to worshiping God. There’s no prearranged sermon or prayers.

There’s just live music leading you in to the presence of God.

You won’t be pressurised in to doing anything. You don’t have to sing. You don’t have to pray. Just come with an open heart and a desire to seek and meet with God!

If you’ve been asking yourself whether God truly exists, then why not come along and find the answer for yourself!

Justworship will be at 7pm on the following dates in 2016:

18th September. More dates to follow.

Please see top of page for details of how to contact us for future dates.

Coffee and tea are available at all times during the service.