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Kimble Free Church, Grove Lane, Little Kimble, Buckinghamshire, England.  E-mail:   Phone: 01844 346957

We would like to invite you to our Sunday adventure service for adults and children alike.
‘Chatty Church’ promises to be an exciting alternative for your Sunday mornings.
We will have crafts, drama, live music, a short interactive talk and a special performance from Kimbles own puppets ‘Puppetual Motion’.

We would love for you to come along and be part of what we hope will be not only fun but potentially life changing!

Any Questions?

Question - Why’s it called ‘Chatty Church’?
Answer – We want it to be interactive and want to encourage your voice and your participation.

Question - Isn’t it a bit irreverent?
Answer – Our aim is to present the most astonishing news ever given to humanity in a way that is not only entertaining but thought provoking.
Jesus told off his disciples when they prevented the children coming to see him. We don’t want to make that same mistake. We want kids (and adults) to be excited about coming to church!

Question - What does it cost?
Answer - There’s no cost, you can give something in the offering but only if you feel you want to.

Question - Do I have to participate in everything?
Answer - No - not at all. We want you to feel at home and at ease.

Question - How long does it last for?
Answer - About an hour and a quarter.

Question - What is the meaning of life?
Answer - You'll have to wait for Sunday.

Please join us on
  24th Apr, 15th May,
19th June &
10th July.

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